Tessa Zettel

Zettel, Tessa

Tessa Zettel works collaboratively between disciplines as an artist, writer and researcher to imagine and enact other ways of living. Her projects respond to the contexts in which they occur, using a kind of fabulist archaeology to make visible contested histories & possible futures. This involves bringing speculative forms of mapping, storytelling, writing, publishing, drawing, performance and exchange to overlooked or devalued cultural practices and knowledge. Grown on Gadigal lands, Tessa has spent the past five years in international residencies and artist communities from France, Finland and Estonia to China and Mexico. She is a co-founder of micro-publishing platform Cloudship Press and slow-growth research collective Weathering, and current Chair of Sydney not-only-artist-run space & library, Frontyard Projects. Tessa is also a member of public art/architecture group Collective Disaster, and since 2004 has been a sessional member of staff at the University of Technology Sydney, UNSW Art & Design and Sydney University.