What We Do


PRESIDENT: Prof. Natalie King, University of Melbourne
SECRETARY: Dr. Damian Smith, University of Melbourne
TREASURER: Miriam La Rosa, University of Melbourne
Dr Zara Stanhope, Director, Govett-Brewster Art Gallery | Len Lye Centre, New Zealand
Clothilde Bullen, Head of Indigenous Programs | Curator, at the Art Gallery of Western Australia
Kimberley Moulton, Artistic Associate RISING Festival Melbourne and Senior Curator South Eastern Aboriginal Collections Museums Victoria, Melbourne

AICA Australia represents the interests of art critics, art historians and scholars in the region.

AICA members are issued a membership card recognized for entrance to museums around the world.

Since 1950, AICA has promoted art criticism as an international platform for the develop of artistic practice and cultural development.

Our Mission

The International Association of Art Critics (AICA) was founded in 1950 and was admitted in 1951 to the rank of NGO. AICA comprises various experts committed to the development of international co-operation in the fields of artistic creation, dissemination and cultural development. The main objectives of AICA have change little over the years. However, they were redefined in November 2003 to emphasize the global reach of the association, its cross-cultural ambitions and its interdisciplinary approach. They are:

  • to promote art criticism as a discipline and contribute to its methodology
  • to protect the ethical and professional interests of its Members and co-operate in defending their rights
  • to maintain an active international network for its Members, with the aid of available technologies and encouragement of face-to-face encounters
  • to contribute to mutual understanding of visual arts and aesthetics in all cultures
  • to stimulate professional relationship across political, geographical, ethnic, economic and religious boundaries
  • to defend impartially freedom of expression and thought and oppose arbitrary censorship.

Image credit: Art Gallery of South Australia, with works by Bill Henson and Thomas Hirschhorn.

AICA brings together some 4,600 art professionals from some 95 countries all over the world, organised into 62 National Sections and an Open Section.

— AICA International