Tracey M Benson

Benson, Tracey M

Tracey M Benson is an artist and researcher based in Canberra, Australia. With an interest in ubiquitous technologies, user research and active audience participation, her work is focused on ecological balance, awareness and wellbeing.  She explores a range of media including walking, video, online, open data, photography and augmented reality, often collaborating with Indigenous Elders and communities, historians and scientists. Her current major project Words for Water focuses on the humanitarian and environmental issues related to water. Tracey also utilises solar energy in her installation work, as an attempt to make electronic artwork ‘off the grid’. Her work has also featured in many international and national media festivals since 1996. Tracey is currently an adjunct researcher at the Institute of Applied Ecology and Centre for Creative and Cultural Research at University of Canberra and visiting researcher at the More than Human Lab at Victoria University, Wellington, NZ.