Patricia Anderson

Anderson, Patricia

Patricia Anderson is the former editor of the bi-monthly journal Australian Art Review and owner of the Crawford Gallery  which is relocating to Canberra. She has written six books: three biographies of art world figures (Elwyn Lynn, Robert Hughes and Pat Harry), two volumes on contemporary jewellery, and one on Australian art world follies called Art + Australia: Debates, Dollars & Delusions.

She is member of the British Society of Jewellery Historians, the International Association of Art Critics and a fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia. She has written book reviews and essays for The Australian, Quadrant, Apollo, ART & Australia, Minerva, The Art Newspaper and Art Monthly among others. She curates the Union, University & Schools Club’s art collection and is currently working on a new book called Burial to Bling – 70,000 years of body ornament.